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 From A to B, from concept to completion, from just a twinkle in your eye to a bright shiny new video designed to show off, sell, salute, celebrate, educate, incorporate, entertain, and explain your brand, your vision, your baby - I work with you to bring your ideas to life. I specialize in creating engaging media through motion graphics goodness. Whether it's music videos, branding bugs, commercials, web videos or a whole new medium, I specialize in short , strong pieces that fit under the undefined, hypnotic umbrella of motion graphics.


Whether you need to fill in the pieces of a project currently under way or need a creative voice to carry your vision from brainstorming to sign-off, I'll work with you to maximize your message and deliver it in a pretty digital package. In short, let's work together to create a more beautiful world.​

Going from concept to a polished product requires more than magic and sweat equity. Here are some of the tools I utilize to get it done.

Full Adobe Creative Suite 

Boris Sapphire Effects

Red Giant Trapcode Suite

Element 3D

Rowbyte Plexus 

Action Essentials (2K)



And a little magic

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