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What a long strange trip it's been. I've navigated the Trans-Siberian Railroad, pedaled my bicycle on a 4200 mile, solo journey, across the United States, and once completed all my holiday shopping in a single afternoon.


I graduated with a combined Art and Art History degree from Bucknell University, which also included concentrations in Marketing, Creative Writing, Philosophy and Education. Later, I doubled down with a M.F.A. in Digital Media from American University in Washington DC. I've also worked for the Biennale in Sydney, Australia and had the pleasure of studying experimental film and animation at FAMU in the Czech Republic.

For the past fifteen years I've worked as a freelance non-linear editor and motion graphics artist on a multitude of projects that range in scope and depth. I'm a tireless consumer of digital and modern art, but all you need to know is that I love sinking my teeth into creative, boundary-pushing motion graphics projects, and savory Thai food.



Magic Burger Animation is located in Portland, Oregon. Widely considered the best place on Earth (by me at least), Portland fosters an energetic arts scene and an endless amount of natural inspiration, from countless city murals to glacier kissed towering volcanoes.  


Not located in Portland?  Don't fret.  Magic Burger Animation has clients across the United States thanks to the wonders of the internet.  Most of Magic Burger's business originates from New York City and Washington DC so don't hesitate to reach out whether you're across the street or across the country.

Magic Burger Animation is proud to announce, that in conjunction with Kornhaber Brown and PBS, Idea Channel won two Webby Awards in 2013.


Winners for both Best Editing, and Best Host in a Web Series, it is always a pleasure to be recognized by a constantly evolving, yet always vibrant, creative, art-nuveau industry.  


Idea Channel continued it's winning streak in 2014 as Mike Rugnetta was again awarded the 2014 Webby Award for Best Host in a Web Series.

The Sportland Athletic League is an ancillary project of Magic Burger Animation. Founded in 2013, the Sportland Athletic League's goal is to foster new and exciting games/sports for those who are looking to stay active in their adult lives and have grown weary of the typical sports that we were raised on.  The Sportland Athletic League aims to crowdsource genuinely new games and promote their spread throughout the sports ecosphere.







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